How to Build a Simple Raised Garden Bed

Bored? Use Boards!  How to Build a Simple Raised Garden Bed. Use it as a stay-at-home success garden. For this garden bed, we used: 8 6x6 4' rough sawn cedar 1 pak 5# 10" galvanized spikes 8 pieces 1/2"x18" rebar 1. Start with as flat a trench or area as possible. Being level is the key. Add dirt, scrape dirt away to fully provide a good surface for the timber. Pound dirt compactly to avoid settling that will cause "un-levelling." TIP: WATCH FOR BURIED UTILITIES! 2. Set the first timber.  TIP: Pre-drilling the holes for rebar will avoid upsetting your [...]

The Advantages of Using Cedar Wood

Aromatic & beautiful with a natural insect repellent, Western red cedar is pitch and resin-free. Which means it’s ideal for accepting and holding a wide range of beautiful finishes. Cedar also comes in a wide range of lumber dimensions, surface textures and grades. So no matter what your desired effect is, Western Red Cedar is the go-to choice. There are many benefits to Western Red Cedar Cedar is durable and strong– Western Red Cedar is lightweight but stable and is less likely to crack and warp than even treated lumber. Western Red Cedar contains oils that act as preservatives to [...]