Return Policy

Return Policy

We offer a reality-based return policy allowing you to be able to exchange/return merchandise. However, all products have some differences in wood grains, color and texture and will not be accepted for exchange or returned for these or other aesthetic reasons.

Returns and exchanges are expensive and significantly increase the price of materials. Many years of adherence to this policy allow us to offer you the service, quality and delivery you expect. We ask that you do your part by carefully measuring, trying-out, and making an informed final decision on items and quantities before placing your order.


Products cannot be returned without prior authorization. Credit of any sort may **NOT** be issued immediately. ALL returns are subject to a restocking and/or handling fee. “Disproportional” amounts returned compared to the initial purchase will result in higher return charges. (Another example would be a shipment of random length materials and only short pieces are returned.) Management reserves the right to issue “in-store” credit only on ANY return – specifically returns over 30 days old or returns not accompanied by a receipt. Generally, no returns are accepted more than 30 days after purchase. All material must be in resalable condition and in its original packaging as applicable. Material that was not purchased from us; has been painted, stained or cut; is weathered or abused cannot be accepted for return.

Special Orders

**IF** accepted for credit, a heavy return charge will be assessed. There will be a substantial time delay in processing a credit since we must first return the item ourselves to our supplier. In many cases, this may require their personal inspection of the items before a credit request can be processed by them. Delay times of up to three weeks are not unusual. This reflects the policies and procedures of our suppliers.


If the item being returned was sold as a random length item – meaning a variety of lengths were shipped originally; the tally of the quantity returned must be representative what was shipped For example, if shipped with the following lengths—10/6’, 12/8’, 14/12’, 8/14’, and 10/16’ – return of just 6’ pieces is unacceptable.

Custom Cutting

Unless an error was made on our part and we are allowed an opportunity to remedy the issue, any cut item cannot be credited under any circumstances.


This type of item comes to us in long lengths (generally 60’) and is then cut to your specific needs. Once cut, their flexibility to be resold/re-used by another customer diminishes greatly. As a general rule, this type of product cannot be returned to Front Range Lumber.


Any door or window ordered for a customer cannot be cancelled, altered, exchanged or returned for any reason after time of ordering. At the time of ordering, we ask for a deposit and a signed acknowledgement approving that order. While that shipment may still be weeks away, please realize that parts may have to be ordered, the door/window may be produced awaiting transit, etc. that commit the manufacturer, Front Range Lumber and yourself to that order. Due to the fragile nature of siding products, ALL siding products special ordered are not returnable. Custom mixed paint cannot be returned.

Bulk Items

We sell many items in bulk (e.g., 50# boxes of nails) at a “discounted” price from the “per each” (lb, etc) price. Reasons are the reduced handling cost and effort counting/measuring in selling these items in bulk. Upon return, you will be credited a disproportionate price to adjust for the higher “each” price. For example, if you buy a 50# box and return 47#, we will issue a credit adjusting to include the price you should have paid for the 3#.

Delivery Charges

Unless an error has been made on our part, no portion of any type of delivery charge is refundable. If a return requires us to come to your jobsite to pickup material, there will be a trip charge assessed (deducted) from the ultimate credit issued to you to offset that truck/driver cost. Customers must report any shortages/ discrepancies/ damage to Front Range Lumber within 48 hours after your receipt of goods.

Invoice Research

ANYTIME the customer knows an invoice number that is on our current computer system, we will print at once.

On items bought within the past forty five days, we will research ASAP, but must know an approximate date AND one or more specific stock or special order items purchased. This covers all customers in the event the receipt was never received by them &/or the receipt was lost in a timely basis.

For purchases purchased OVER 45 days ago, but within the last two years AND with an EXACT date AND one or more specific stock items purchased; we will reproduce an invoice at our earliest convenience – please allow 3-5 workdays. This EXCLUDES special orders.

On purchases with an unknown sale date (even within 3-5 days), unknown list of item(s), older than two years, on the “old” computer, special order items, etc, we will research at our convenience. An hourly charge of $20 will be assessed and a $50 deposit must be collected prior to research being done. Researching records older than seven years is generally not possible.

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