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Front Range Lumber 2023 lumber price review

September 2023

Framing lumber pricing continues to sag downward bit by bit. Everyone seems concerned about a long winter, “business” is going and holding inventory. Directly tied into that is very low inventory levels on most products all throughout the distribution chain. This also includes construction OSB and plywood. The general consensus contradicting low inventories is that we collectively have another good 60 days of brisk fall sales.

Other types of lumber (cedar treated, redwood, finish plywoods) and so on have remained relatively constant over the past four months.

We’re coming onto the “winter” season when price changes are generally announced in a broad spectrum of items like deck stains, composite decking, doors and windows and other manufactured products. We are thinking minimal changes are coming, but there seems to be pressure to both increase and decrease prices – time will tell!

August 2023

Most ALL wood products are holding steady in pricing – there is some up and down but certainly NOT the swings and size we’ve experienced over the past four years.
There are at least 2 factors which are putting a lot of pressure on pricing to remain steady or increase:
a) Production is being limited in a variety of ways – forest fires, uncertainty over future demand, uncertainty over where pricing is “going” – are all contributing to producers being very cautious.
b) Freight costs continue to climb. And the time to get a shipment is creeping longer.
On a better note, availability is relatively very good across most all product lines. We are seeing spot/temporary shortages on Trex, fasteners and Douglas fir timbers.
We always advise to plan ahead, don’t assume the material is available the second you need it.

June/July 2023

Lumber prices are up and down depending on what you need.

Framing lumber paused in its upward march in very late July after moving steadily up through June and July. Mixed economic news is causing a lot of concern throughout the distribution channel – no-one is wanting to “take a chance” either in price, in case it goes down, or they don’t want to carry the inventory in case there’s a recession or pricing slips backwards, etc.

In confused times such as these we see lots of ripple effects – to name just one – construction grade plywood is VERY competitive with the pricing of OSB/waferboard. This is NOT a usual state of affairs.

Wood products other than framing/construction lumber remain steady in price. These include redwood, cedar, pine boards, etc.

Lumber and building materials availability of almost all items is pretty good.

HOWEVER, we are seeing spot shortages of certain specific items. As we almost always suggest – plan ahead, don’t assume the material is available the second you need it.

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