Fast Delivery

We’ll deliver to you for only $79!

Need it delivered? We’re here to help with our low cost delivery charge* within the extended Metro Denver and Northern Colorado areas!

*$79 per delivery, $500 minimum order required.

Our delivery policy is both very competitive and liberal.

Front Range Lumber delivers at a nominal $79 charge on orders of $500 or more (not including delivery charge) within the extended Denver Metro and Northern Colorado area. With the opening of our new Fort Lupton location, our delivery range extends to include most of Weld Country and Greeley. Please consider this a “driveway” or “curbside” delivery only. We attempt to meet any reasonable need of our customers in timing, location, and placement. Most of our deliveries are completed within a 24 hour time period.

Why we don’t offer curbside pickup.

Based on the types of material we sell, “curbside” pickup poses extra challenges for us (AND YOU!). These include the length, weight, awkwardness, and overall size. Many customers simply may not have the equipment to carry their purchases — one of the many reasons we offer delivery service at a nominal cost. There are no good alternatives to protect merchandise from theft or the weather until you arrive. Certainly, space constraints factor in. Most items we sell are difficult to handle unless there’s adequate assistance. Many items require the use of a forklift.

Now 2 Front Range locations to serve you!

We deliver from both locations for fast turnaround and convenience.

Drivers and Sales Staff needed!

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