Delivery Policy

Delivery Policy

Our delivery policy is both very competitive and liberal. Front Range Lumber delivers at a nominal $79 charge on orders of $500 or more (not including delivery charge) within the extended Denver Metro area. With the opening of our Fort Lupton location in late 2019, our delivery range will extend to include most of Weld County and Greeley. Please consider this a “driveway” or “curbside” delivery only.We attempt to meet any reasonable need of our customers in timing, location, and placement. Most of our deliveries are completed within a 24 hour time period. The most difficult factor in our customer’s satisfaction with our deliveries is a specific timing of any particular delivery.Weather conditions, traffic, staffing, distance, incorrect addresses, and communication issues – all add to the challenge of completing deliveries. Please plan ahead to sufficiently consider these conditions. This supersedes any previous information. This policy is subject to change at any time, without notice.

Phone Numbers

Phone numbers are a must. We MUST HAVE a number that will be answered. Despite our best efforts, we have a steady occurrence of incorrect addresses &/or directions. The added lack of communication may prevent your delivery from occurring in a timely manner. For most deliveries, we don’t need you to be present; but we still may need to communicate with you.


We ask that you look around for obstacles that will delay/prevent your delivery from occurring. Very common examples include street work blocking access to the job, aggressive dogs, locked gates, occupied driveways, no-one on site, and other suppliers on site. Even the simplest factor – having enough room available to unload, is a factor.


A fully refundable pallet charge(s) is charged on deliveries with large numbers of bags of concrete. Concrete: over 20 bags- we must have help – able-bodied help unless we are able to send our forklift equipped truck. Concrete returns: over 10% of the quantity purchased will result in a 50% return charge even assuming that the bags are intact and help is there for us to reload – please estimate carefully.


It is always at our driver’s discretion to proceed on a delivery based on the weather and other circumstances. This includes unsafe conditions excluding weather. Understandably, our drivers are charged with the responsibility of operating our vehicles legally and safely. Specifically, deliveries that require tire chains to get in (or the chain law is in effect) will be delayed until that restriction is lifted. Past, multiple issues have taught us that these circumstances will only end in troubles for all involved.We are required to comply with all federal and state regulations.

Door/Window Deliveries

Generally, we cannot hand unload materials that we can dump, for example, CDX plywood – fork or “dump” only. We “curbside” deliver only. Clearly, we hand unload doors, windows, etc. We do need access to a garage or other similar storage area.

Cash on delivery – COD

Cash on delivery means just that, without payment, our drivers are not authorized to leave materials.

Forklift Uploads

It is always the FINAL discretion of our driver if they can place the load where desired, the driver has the responsibility to NOT damage anything, get stuck or get hurt. We cannot rooftop load any materials, this extends to loading through window openings, etc. Front Range Lumber has truck-carried forklift equipment. Extra care in scheduling these deliveries is necessary. The carrying limit is around 4500 pounds per unit/pallet/bundle. Material over 16’ in length may be an issue, at the least, generating the need for more maneuvering room. Alleys present obvious challenges based on the restricted space generally available. We will not go over landscaped areas with sprinkler systems. This is not a rough terrain piece of equipment; we cannot go “four-wheeling”. We do not unload on fresh concrete (less than a month old) as it will get damaged. Based on the type of equipment tire marks may leave a temporary marking on concrete, driveways, etc.

Oversized Loads

Items over approximately 40’ will require special handling. This may include an oversized load permit from the state transportation department. This cost is $65, which we must charge to you, without additional fees. Please verify that there will be enough room on-site to accept these larger loads.

Rooftop Delivery

In most cases, when you purchase any significant amount of roofing material of any type, the best method is to receive “rooftop delivery”. This entails our supplier delivering the material and placing it on the roof, eliminating the manual carrying up of that material. This additional service does come at a charge; however, the very nominal charge is well worth the hard work, expense, time-savings, and safety. Remember that roofing suppliers cannot generally fulfill an exact delivery time – please allow for plenty of time. After bad storms, their timeframe can explode into many weeks of delay. Please contact us for more details.

Drywall – “Stocked”

Similar to rooftop deliveries, drywall can be stocked into your job by our suppliers. This accomplishes a lot of the hard work as the sheets are roughly distributed in various rooms. Again, there is an additional fee – well worth it, contact us for timing and costs. We need help on drywall deliveries – please arrange to have at least one person on-site to assist us. We cannot provide two-man drywall deliveries; we simply cannot spare two drivers, which inevitably means stopping one truck totally to place those two drivers together.

Long Distance

Front Range Lumber delivers throughout the state at an additional charge. Please contact us for the charge for this. We find that we are very competitive in price and service.

Minimum Delivery/Credit Pickups

Some deliveries are quite small, substantially adding to costs and delays. Front Range Lumber reserves the right to refuse any delivery deemed unsafe or based on its distance, size or difficulty.Due to the cost of running a delivery fleet, we may not pick up returns on materials that were over-ordered/ mis-ordered. Return charges and trip charges could exceed the value of that material.

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