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With such a large number of colors in the Trex decking line-up, the biggest suggestion we have is to actually SEE and have sample pieces in hand to bring home to ensure you get the color you want. This gives you the opportunity to match your exterior colors, get an idea of what the decking looks like in the sun and so on.

Front Range Lumber is happy to provide Trex color samples, including those in the new Enhance product line! Stop in today.

While the colors are available for online viewing, a real sample will help avoid a possible error on the large investment you might make, such as a deck.

Deck Railings

The railing around your deck can easily become the most expensive “third” of a deck – the other two being the decking itself and all the under-framing and hardware.

An affordable and easily installed railing option is Wild Hog® railing panels. This code compliant 36” high by 6’ or 8’ wide panels come in a silver or flat black finish. Newly introduced is stainless steel in the same sizes.

With a minimal amount of installation effort, time and expense, you can set each 6’ or 8’ section very quickly between any deck post of your choice. In addition, 5×6 panels are available to be cut into panels needed for stair railings. Visit for more information.


House wrap (the most popular brand is Tyvek) is available through many sources. The most important feature in house wraps is the perm factor or its permeability. Permeability is the state or quality of a membrane to allow liquids or gases to pass through it.

There are many different brands at varying prices in the marketplace all meeting code. Front Range Lumber only sells the Tyvek brand as it has the highest perm factor in the market. It is more expensive, but as a one-time cost, the increased value is well worth the investment in saving on utility bills for decades to come.

Molding Changes

Our finger-joint primed molding is being phased into another, better version named Gesso. This variety is machined and primed far better allowing for smoother finishes and without noticeable defects and joints. This molding will be at the same prices as previous versions.

Rustic Paneling

Front Range sells a wide range of siding/paneling types, specifically in 1×6 sized, T&G pattern. These include beetle kill/blue stain, #2 pine, and knotty cedar. We recently added 1×6 knotty Douglas fir to our mix. The fir version will vary much more in graining and color and the feed-back we get is it looks “more natural”.

If cedar or beetle kill don’t fit your needs, and #2 pine is too plain/uniform/vanilla-y, we’d recommend considering the economical Douglas fir option.

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