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Milgard is one of the largest window manufacturers in the United States. Milgard offers local service, an excellent warranty that includes condensation coverage, short lead times (including special orders), a range of products, plus a wide range of glazing options, hardware and more.

Milgard windows and doors Denver
Milgard Replacement Windows & Patio Doors Denver

Why buy Milgard Windows and Doors?

Did you know that one of the biggest brands of windows sold at a big box store specifically EXCLUDES condensation from their warranty? Many expensive mistakes have been made from buying cheap quality products. There are very few items besides windows that so closely follow the adage “you get what you pay for.”

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Window Installation Tips

Once you have new windows installed, the most important factor is the warranty! Milgard has a lifetime parts and labor warranty, including condensation (please refer to the “Milgard Warranty;” copies available). This warranty includes 10-year transferability from date of manufacture.

All Milgard products are “new,” made specifically for you in about 2 weeks. Milgard is in the phone book; their Aurora, CO, plant builds and services windows locally. From our experience, parts and service are available much quicker that other brands. As a small, family business, we have years of good experience with Milgard. From our experience, we know that they take care of their customers!

Unlike other brands, you or your Contractor can install Milgard windows and still have the full Milgard warranty (Of course, the windows must be installed properly).

Be careful out there!

Why are some brands of windows so cheap? How can they provide and install “any size window for $199.00?” You can consider this a temporary window. The brand name, poor product quality and questionable warranty in the end will show that they are not bargains. To cut corners, often the new window is installed within the frame of the old window. The trade-off is a smaller window to fit this method, and the least recommended installation. Talk to us about the best way to install windows. This will prevent air and moisture leakage.

Other Reasons To Buy Milgard Windows and Doors

  • Milgard puts their logo and other identification on their products. Even if you forget the brand you bought and lost your receipt, the windows are identifiable. Notice how many companies do not brand their product. Are they worried about their window performance in the future?
  • Milgard is a well known, national brand with the same name for over 45 years. Other brands have changed their name to leave behind problems.
  • Low-E is standard in Milgard windows. While argon is available at a small upcharge, we do not push it – or any other features – that some consider “gimmicks.”
  • All products are made custom for you. This means that replacement sizes are not a problem. Windows are made in 1/8” increments, at no upcharge for special sizes. And your windows fit much more exactly.
  • Two lines of vinyl windows are available. The price difference is about 40%. We will be happy to show the features of both lines. Both have the same Milgard warranty.
  • Milgard is a national company. We are lucky to have a Milgard plant right here in Aurora. This expedites window lead times as well as service if necessary. Milgard brand products are common throughout the Denver metro area. Many homeowners and contractors are familiar with the brand. Milgard has been used in many Parade of Home locations over the past few years.
  • Front Range Lumber sells only the Milgard brand, as they are the BEST brand available to satisfy the needs of our customers.

Front Range Lumber…Your Denver Milgard Replacement Window Experts!

Please note: All product items/sizes/lengths/brands may not be available at either location, please call to verify availability.


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