Traditional wood style, fiberglass strength and durability.

Exceptionally strong and low-maintenance fiberglass window and door frames from Milgard are ideal for any style and climate.

Milgard windows and doors Denver
Milgard Fiberglass Patio Doors and Windows Denver

When you first look at Milgard® fiberglass windows, you might think you’re looking at an all-wood window.

Beautiful to look at, with little upkeep required, Ultra™ Series fiberglass windows are built to last. Through a careful design process, Milgard introduces a window more resistant to heat, bugs and rot to help withstand the harsher sides of Mother Nature. A WoodClad™ Series option offers the warmth of a wood veneer interior.

The dimensional stability of Ultra™ Series fiberglass windows make it a popular choice for high humidity and high heat environments, such as bathrooms and kitchens. A WoodClad™ Series option offers you the beautiful look of wood veneer on the interior without the need for sanding and repainting.

Milgard’s fiberglass windows match the beauty and profile of solid wood windows, while providing the strength, durability and performance of fiberglass. Milgard engineers superior fiberglass windows that are impervious to water, cold, heat, insects, salt air and ultraviolet rays. Add to that our Full Lifetime Warranty with Glass Breakage and you have energy-efficient fiberglass windows that maintain their beauty.

The Ultra™ Series, as the name implies, is the ultimate window frame material for new construction and fiberglass replacement windows. Because it’s made of glass fibers, it expands and contracts at the same rate as the insulated glass it holds. This puts less stress on the seals, reduces the chance for seal failure and results in a clear, fog-free window that lasts for years and years.

Milgard® Ultra™ Series fiberglass windows combine a traditional wood-frame profile with the strength, stability and low maintenance of fiberglass. Our fiberglass windows withstand the harsher sides of Mother Nature like no other window, yet look like traditional painted wood windows. In fact, you can choose any of our factory-painted exterior colors or paint the exterior yourself. And for multi-unit projects, Milgard offers the option of custom colors applied at the factory. Milgard fiberglass windows are custom made to your home’s exact specifications at no extra charge or extended lead time. You can customize them with our wide selection of hardware finishes and virtually endless grid options. All Milgard fiberglass windows are covered by our Full Lifetime Warranty with Glass Breakage.

Available in these styles:

Milgard® WoodClad™ Series fiberglass wood windows satisfy both the architectural purist and the realist. If you are looking for wood windows, you are in the right place. With Milgard WoodClad windows, you get a carefree fiberglass exterior, plus the interior rich, warm beauty of wood windows. Our WoodClad windows feature furniture-grade, natural wood in Douglas Fir or Mahogany without a nail hole or staple on them. Seal with a clear sealant or stain to match your existing woodwork. For the exterior, order Milgard WoodClad Series fiberglass windows in any of our factory-applied standard exterior colors. Customize even further with our wide selection of hardware and grid options.

Milgard fiberglass is the ultimate window frame material. Because it’s made of glass fibers, it expands and contracts at the same rate as the insulated glass it holds. In fact, we’re so confident in the strength and durability of our fiberglass windows they are covered by our Full Lifetime Warranty with Glass Breakage.

Available in these styles:

Fiberglass Window Tips

Quality Milgard brand fiberglass windows have lots going for them: Lifetime parts and labor warranty, EnergyStar rating, low E glass and custom sizes at economical costs. So why consider upgrading to fiberglass windows?

The “Ultra” is an all fiberglass window. The “Woodclad” is the same, with an unfinished fir veneer on the interior.  More expensive than vinyl, they have the same qualities listed above. Should you spend more and upgrade to fiberglass?

Milgard’s peerless warranty for the original purchaser of the window (with 10-year transferability from date of manufacture) and the perceived longer life of a fiberglass product make them a more popular choice all the time.  Fiberglass’s reputation for strength, paintability, imperviousness to UV rays and chemicals and overall durability should add extra value to a home for years longer than vinyl and wood windows can.

Here is a review of important qualities of fiberglass:

Paintability: While five EXTERIOR factory finishes are standard, many choose white to leave as is or to paint.  Painting is as easy as on wood, but you should expect a longer life. Wood can soak up water and humidity, leading to peeling. By getting fiberglass, you are leaving yourself and future building owners open to any color wished.  Painting does not affect warranty unlike most brands “clad” windows that are voided if painted. You can even paint Milgard’s black!

The “Ultra” INTERIOR’S paintable white. The “Woodclad” interior is a vertical grain Douglas fir. It can be stained and finished. As you open this window you will see that the edges of the sash is not covered by veneer. This makes finishing much easier than wood windows. To adequately finish them you would have to disassemble all hardware to get to all the nooks and slots where water drips and spiders hide.

Strength: Vinyl doors can only slide. Fiberglass is strong enough to swing also, giving you all options for exterior doors. Poor quality or dark colors can make vinyl products warp or bow; this cannot happen with fiberglass due to its extremely low thermal expansion and contraction rate. Vinyl windows are joined at corners by heat, melting the pieces together. Fiberglass corners are joined with gaskets, sealants and a mechanical attachment with screws.

Warranty: Most windows in the price range of an “Ultra/Woodclad” has a 20-year glass, and 10-year non-glass warranty. Please read Milgard’s warranty. It clearly exceeds these limits.

Some window brands require installation by a factory representative. This traps you and can really increase the total cost. As long as they are properly installed, any contractor or homeowner can install Milgard windows and have a full warranty!

Energystar: The federal government has established criteria for a recommended minimum level of energy saving qualities in windows. These criteria are not required but are met in the fiberglass line, Low E Max glass and “super-spacer” ensure this desirable designation.

We, as a small family-owned business have partnered with Milgard. They take care of us and our customers.

By installing yourself, or arranging a separate contractor, you can get great windows at the lowest price!

Woodclad Staining Tips

Milgard’s “Woodclad” series of doors and windows is a durable, beautiful alternative to a regular pine/clad product.  An architectural grade veneer is applied to the inside of the face and jamb. The veneer, Douglas fir, has been used for quality doors and mouldings for over 100 years in the U.S.A.

Douglas fir, like cherry and some other woods, darkens naturally with even indirect sun light. You will have a medium color finish even without stain. “Woodclad” products can be stained if you wish. As can happen with any veneered product, stain can “bounce” off the substrate, causing uneven staining. Always test a small area before going to far.

Generally, we recommend oil based U-V protective polyurethanes on the inside of “Woodclads”. These would be the longest lasting finish. Use 2 to 3 coats. Oil-based finishes will bring out more color, especially the “Salmon” color in the fir.  If a more tan color is desired, water-based finishes will mute the reds in the fir.

Please note: All product items/sizes/lengths/brands may not be available at either location, please call to verify availability.


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