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Blue stain pine log SW Colorado

This was a beetle kill blue stain pine log cut down as part of trail maintenance in southwest Colorado area.

  1. The man’s leg/foot gives you perspective as to the size of this log. Colorado generally is NOT premium territory for big trees. This particular log might be in the 16-17” diameter range.
  2. Note the blue coloring extends inward on the log from the bark. The blueness halts approximately 3” inwards.
  3. Although this end cut shows no knots/branches, obviously this and all trees do.
  4. Disregarding how long of a board that could have been sawn out of this log and any other production considerations and knot placement, you easily imagine it is very difficult to get much more than a 8” board which would be all/mostly “blue”.
  5. Any boards much over 8” would contain a lot of heartwood, in this case “white” wood.

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