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James Hardie

Just announced they are discontinuing all HardiTrim items in both regular primed and their pre-finished lines!

Therefore, other than what is in the pipeline, there is none! Effective immediately, this is /was quite a bombshell. Especially in light of widespread production issues with all brands of siding and exterior trim, this action will most definitely crimp the timing on a lot of jobs!

Building material pricing – our 2 cents – August 2021.

It’s been quite a roller coaster with lumber prices over the past 16 months, and changes continue to unfold constantly!

In our latest blog post we briefly review building materials costs by lumber category: Read our review here.

Gorman pine boards.

We stock only #2 and clear grade pine boards from what we consider the premium mill producing pine boards – Gorman Brothers Lumber. We believe they machine their boards with greater detail and smoothness than any other mill.

Using quality lumber also provides the best end result in your own projects. The only way to see the difference is to stop by our Lakewood or Fort Lupton lumberyard and see the higher quality that Gorman boards offer for yourself.

We stock Gorman boards in both #2 (knotty) and CLEAR grades in 1×4 through 1×12, in 8’ to 16’ lengths.

LINX pergolas stock.

By the end of March 2021 we will be stocking the LINX line of pergola parts. We believe this is the easiest and quickest way to build a pergola. This system requires no special tools and no cutting other than cutting the wood you use to length.

Using s4s lumber or the STIX – brand 6×6 posts, the LINX brackets can be used to assemble a pergola in many different configurations.

LP Siding has stopped making hardboard siding.

Huge in the siding world, Louisiana Pacific on short notice stopped making hardboard siding. While they converted many (not all) of the patterns to a “STRAND” product, multiple patterns were dropped. The patterns discontinued are primarily the multiple lap patterns. These specific patterns are more commonly found on apartment and condo type buildings.

The newer “STRAND” backed siding versions are made from OSB/waferboard with an embossed pattern. Hardboard sidings were simply sawdust and glues formed into sheets.

We have brought in those “multi-lap” patterns to maintain as full of a selection as possible. Never before has it been more difficult to match an older siding for repair/replacement!

Marine PLUS.

We now stock the true to full spec marine grade plywood (official designation of BS1088) in 4×8 sheets in ¼, ½ and ¾” thicknesses. The differences fall under three categories to meet this grade:

The veneer quality is much higher – very little tolerance for open knots and other defects which may cause voids in the layers when glued together
Generally, Marine PLUS uses Meranti veneers to provide more resistance to water damage over time to the wood
Superior glues are used to stand up better to water immersion/contact.

Front Range Lumber also continues to stock the less expensive PS109 version in a variety of sizes.

TREX decking.

Supplies of TREX remain very limited. Again, that demand and supply thing is “over-achieving”. From the outside in…we would venture that adding to the problem is the large number of colors and sizes TReX manufactures. This distracts from focusing production on a more narrow selection. Their production is slowly recovering, but the facts are in many cases we are waiting weeks for their shipments to complete customer’s orders.

Higher quality 4×4 posts.

In Douglas Fir, Front Range Lumber consistently carries in 8, 10 and 12’ lengths a higher quality 4×4 post. Virtually all uses for a 4×4 are not only structural in nature, but also its placement, means it is exposed to open view. Therefore, everyone desires a good looking post!

This quality provides exactly that appearance. Stop chasing for a good timber, prevent call-backs, avoid the extra work in “making do” and settling for second best found elsewhere. Our 4x4s are  the solution to your exacting needs.

Hardboard siding reminders.

Relooking at the two major hardboard siding manufacturer’s installation and warranty details, we thought it would be great to review a few details we commonly see forgotten:

  • Fastening must not exceed 16” on centers
  • All lap products require the butt joints to be located on the studs and nailed at those joints
  • Fasten from one end to the other OR from center to ends.
  • A minimum of 4 dry mils, including factory primer, is required. This is best achieved by applying two coats of finished paint.
  • Staples are not an acceptable fastening device.
  • Blind nailing is not acceptable.
  • Siding must be finished within 90 days of installation. If siding must be exposed for a longer period, re-prime the siding with a premium alkyd oil-based primer or a premium acrylic latex primer.
  • Siding must have a minimum 2 inch separation from concrete or be appropriately flashed. Siding must be 6 inches or more from soil or landscaping materials of any type.Where the siding meets the roof, it must be spaced a minimum of 2 inches from the plane of the roof and be properly flashed.
  • Cut edges in these locations, like elsewhere, must be primed and painted.

The failure to do this last one is responsible for the huge majority of damaged/deteriorating sidings we see!

Lumber grades.

There are loads of options in lumber – types of wood, sizes, and grades. While there are many nuances in grades specifically, you don’t have to be a lumber expert to discern quality differences. The best way is to physically see for yourself what you would be getting before finalizing any order.

Quality differences such as general appearance, thickness, how well the boards were milled and knot quantity are very easy to detect. Watch for details such as “red” wood may be just red-stained wood, not natural redwood. Be an informed buyer prior to making a decision on your next project!

Alaska yellow cedar.

We get requests for Alaskan Yellow Cedar (AYC) for a variety of uses. Previously we had a difficult time sourcing this product reliably. We can now provide 1×4, 1×6 and 1×8 boards in Alaskan Yellow Cedar!

In addition, we’ll be stocking some “8/4” material in random widths and lengths. 8/4 lumber is approximately 1-3/4” to 2” thick material.


Remember, only Treater’s Series treated 2x lumber is at Front Range Lumber. Also known as KDAT (Kiln Dried After Treatment), this deck and other exterior use framing lumber is advantageous for two huge reasons:

It weighs far less than conventionally treated as it has been dried after the treating process and therefore lost all that water weight.
Because it has been dried again after treating, this product by virtue of the manner in which the boards were cut originally and the drying process will be far more stable in use (less cracking, warp, cup and so on).

Cedar pickets.

Don’t get sucked into pickets “starting at $0.99” – the key point is “starting at…” Some retailers get you in the door at a low (somewhat unbelievable price) and then up-sell you as those cheap in every sense of the word pickets are obviously poor quality. The saying is true: “You get what you pay for”.

Our best advice is to see what you’re getting before making a purchase decision. You’re probably making a long-term investment costing a lot of money – so make sure you’re going to be satisfied with your purchase. We’ve said it before – it does not take a lumber expert to easily see the differences in quality. While we’re talking pickets, few suppliers stock the diversity of pickets Front Range Lumber does.

Very few suppliers carry the breadth of inventory as Front Range Lumber in cedar pickets. All are no hole, 7/8” thick and kiln-dried. No matter what the height of your fence, we have your picket!

In 1×4 dog eared – 4’, 5’ 6’ and 8’
In 1×4 “flat-top” – 6’ and 8’
In 1×6 dog-eared – 4’ 6’ and 8’
In 1×6 “flat-top” – 6’ and 8’

If there’s something you’d like us to add to our stock, please tell us. We’re always looking to change/add items to our Lakewood and Fort Lupton inventory.

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