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Front Range Lumber January 2023 lumber price review

January 2023 – where lumber prices and building material prices are at right now.

Framing lumber, treated, OSB and construction plywoods continued to slide thru December and the first half of January.

However, production cuts and the demand side has seemed to be better balanced and prices as of mid-January are very firm to back to increasing. While it’s early in the game, it appears we’ve reached the bottom. Framing lumber prices overall are half or lower compared to a year ago!  Remember this pertains only to framing lumber and other items listed above.

Otherwise, most cedar pricing has slipped a little further. Most other wood items (like pine boards, redwood, sidings, etc) are holding level.

Long lead-times are evaporating – where six months ago, the timing may have been multiple months or longer, the lead-times are now measured in weeks.

We do continue to see increases across a wide spectrum of products. As stated before, the more manufactured an item, the more likely increases are still coming. For example pine boards are flat in price, but maybe hammers are still increasing. With hammers there are simply more “steps”: the mining, the steel, the fabrication, the handle and so on.

Things are always changing so come back each month for our latest lumber prices review!

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