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Front Range Lumber storefronts in Lakewood and Fort Lupton Colorado

What is a real lumber yard?

A lumber yard sells wood for construction and other purposes. In addition to lumber, most lumber yards also sell a wide variety of tools, hardware and accessories for carpenters, contractors, and woodworkers.

They DO NOT sell magazines, flowers, or candy.

A real lumber yard, like Front Range Lumber:

  • Carries wood up to 20’ long
  • The staff knows how to read a tape measure
  • Special orders aren’t a hassle but welcomed
  • Carries lumber grades for their usefulness, not a grade enabling a low price
  • Delivers at a reasonable rate on a same or next day basis
  • Has a staff that averages more than 19 years of experience in the industry
  • Helps you load your materials
  • Stocks decking and engineered wood products that are listed on the Built Green checklist
  • Has extensive experience selling building materials, not just extensive experience
  • Offers the entire range of building materials – not just the “key” items
  • Stocks the best possible materials that benefit their customers by reducing callbacks, warranty problems, appearance complaints, waste and extra time
  • Sells only ACX “Superply” plywood, which is a better quality version of sanded plywood with exterior glues, a stain grade face, no football patches, and uniform coloring.
  • All redwood inventory is Con Heart grade or above, giving a customer what they really want – all red-colored redwood.
  • Framing lumber is mostly #1 grade, lending itself to a better appearance.
  • Stocks fire-rated lumber and plywoods
  • Stocks tempered two-sided hardboard
  • Stocks treated lumber in all sizes and lengths
  • Stocks microlams in all heights
  • Stocks Baltic Birch plywood

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