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Advantages of Penofin Stain For Sale Denver

We are one of the largest Penofin stain dealers in the extended Denver metro area.

Penofin exterior wood finishes, wood stains, and wood care products set the bar for quality, durability, and ease of maintenance among discerning consumers, craftsmen, and professionals.

We stock Penofin Verde Stain, Ultra Premium Red Label Stain, Premium Blue Label Stain and Penofin® Pro-Tech Brightener.

Consumer Reports lists Penofin Red Label as one of the best options in the market.

We also stock a selection of the Verde series, a water-based stain for all the same applications as the original Penofin.

If you haven’t done it yet, re-stain/seal your deck from the elements.

Let’s face it – you’d look pretty weathered too if you were outside day and night all year long!

See video below for how to apply Penofin to your deck!

Penofin Stain Exterior Application

  • If the wood was previously finished with a brand other than Penofin Oil Wood Finish, follow these steps. If the prior finish was a 100% acrylic water-based product, use a conventional paint stripper.
  • If the wood is gray use Pro-Tech Brightener to restore the wood’s original appearance.
  • SHAKE WELL BEFORE USING. DO NOT add thinning or blending agents.
  • Apply Penofin to a clean dry surface. Surface must be free of dirt and sawdust build-up. Do not apply when wood is hot to the touch. Minimum temperature is 45 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Brush on, use a stain pad, or spray on using a pump-up sprayer equipped with a plastic tip.
  • To allow for maximum penetration wait 30 minutes, then use a nap-free shop cloth and wipe the entire surface, removing excess product.
  • Surface will be dry to the touch in three hours, and ready for use in 12 hours.
  • When using the one-coat formula, the application is now complete.
  • Do not apply wet-on-wet.
  • If using the two-coat formula, wait a minimum of three hours and apply a light second coat and again wipe any excess from the entire application area after 30 minutes.

Stain cleanup.

  • Penofin is an oil-based product. Clean brushes and other application materials with mineral spirits or paint thinner.
  • AVOID SPONTANEOUS COMBUSTION of oily rags. Soak all used cloths in a covered metal bucket of water, ensuring the cloths are completely covered with water. Cover until they can be properly disposed at your local hazardous materials drop-off.

Stain maintenance.

  • Maintenance is easy when you use Penofin. Because Penofin is a low-solid product, there is no stripping or sanding necessary. Simply wash the surface with water and a mild detergent. Allow your wood surface to dry completely, approximately 48 hours before application.
  • Follow the application methods listed above for a fresh and beautiful wood surface.

Watch How to Apply Penofin Stain to Your Deck

Find out more information on Penofin stain.

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