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February 2023 Lumber Prices = Supply and Demand.

Lumber is everywhere, but as we repeatedly say: it’s all about supply and demand. Overall, right now – just too much supply and not enough demand. Mills are restricting output however with other market factors and weather working to tamp down demand, it’s a vicious cycle.

Framing lumber prices have risen a bit since the first of the year, but in the bigger picture that framing lumber is somewhere in the less than half of last year at-this-time range, prices are still relatively “cheap”.

Of course, other categories of wood products don’t necessarily beat to the same drummer. LVL and I-joists have declined in value. Redwood is stable. Cedar is way less than 6 months ago except for higher grades. February 2023 lumber prices are a mixed bag.

 Our best advice remains the same – stay informed. Get an updated quote if you’re using older numbers. Be ready for constant price movements, perhaps in both directions – even if the changes are small.

We believe as the year grinds on lumber will increase across the board – although we don’t expect any massive shifts as we’ve experienced over the past three years.

Finally, diesel fuel remains high. This factor alone will prop up prices of lumber – AND the entire range of products we call use, including groceries!

Things are always changing so come back each month for our latest lumber prices review!

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