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Home siding has changed over the years.

“In the beginning…” going back more than 30 years ago, the Masonite brand supplied the overwhelming majority of hardboard siding into Colorado. They ceased production almost 30 years ago.

Since then, two house siding brands: Truwood (Collins Products) and LP (Louisiana Pacific) carried most of the patterns and sizes Masonite produced. However, each brand “interprets” the wood grain, the spacing, groove pattern, primer color and so on differently. Therefore, EXACT matches are tough (always have been).

Fast forward to 2020… LP converted to a OSB substrate instead of hardboard and stopped production on several more patterns.

And now in 2023, an EXACT match on hardboard siding is probably just not possible. While the general pattern and look of the siding available today is very similar, it’s not exact.

Let’s face it – installing new, even exact matched siding next to other pieces which have been in the weather for decades – the difference can be glaring.

In summary, many siding patterns just aren’t being produced. An exact match is near impossible. Our best advice is to buy what you can. Consider using the new pieces where they are less noticeable (smaller wall, behind a bush, etc.). Take pieces from behind a bush or otherwise and use those in locations where it is really noticeable and an exact match is needed.

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