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Different areas of the country use different types of siding. Here in the Colorado area, Composite Siding or Fiber-Cement sidings (cement with fiberglass strands to reinforce) are becoming more and more popular.

However, in the past, Hardboard sidings were used most commonly. Hardboard siding uses essentially sawdust and resins to form various patterns to use.

Replacement Siding Denver - Composite Siding Fiber Cement Hardboard siding Denver

Composite Siding comes in two major categories: “lap” and “panel”. “Lap” sidings are in strips or individual board sizes ranging in width from 4” to 16”.

“Panel” refers to sheets (generally 4×8 or 4×9 sizes) in plywood, waferboard, fiber-cement or hardboard versions. On existing construction, siding is the hardest item to match to pattern and size.

Hardboard Sidings are basically a mix of sawdust and resins/epoxies to obtain a particle type of board. These are molded to meet a particular pattern and are generally always primed at least on the exposed side. Those patterns generally mimic what wood boards would look like under the same type of pattern/application.

A variety of manufacturers now produce trim boards in normal board sizes for trim that are made of the same types of materials, also all primed. Trim boards generally come in both “4/4” (3/4”) and “5/4” (1”) thicknesses for different applications. The use of the 5/4 trim will give you better definition next to most sidings to accent windows, doors and other trim surfaces.

Bring a sample!

It is strongly recommended that you bring a sample (even if very weathered or damaged) to obtain the best possible match. Matching older siding is ALWAYS a challenge for us due to the wide range of ages and the varieties manufactured.


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