How to Build a Simple Raised Garden Bed

Bored? Use Boards!  How to Build a Simple Raised Garden Bed. Use it as a stay-at-home success garden. For this garden bed, we used: 8 6x6 4' rough sawn cedar 1 pak 5# 10" galvanized spikes 8 pieces 1/2"x18" rebar 1. Start with as flat a trench or area as possible. Being level is the key. Add dirt, scrape dirt away to fully provide a good surface for the timber. Pound dirt compactly to avoid settling that will cause "un-levelling." TIP: WATCH FOR BURIED UTILITIES! 2. Set the first timber.  TIP: Pre-drilling the holes for rebar will avoid upsetting your [...]

The Characteristics of Walnut

As a new contributor to our blog, Andy will highlight a specific hardwood and speak to its characteristics. Up first: Walnut! Walnut is commonly called black walnut. This American hardwood is widely available in a variety of sizes. Lengths generally do not exceed 12’. The more desirable boards come from the heartwood with a familiar darker brown color as opposed to the lighter yellowish tan of the sapwood. It is on the higher end price wise for a domestic wood (it’s still a great value when comparing to imported and exotic hardwoods); however, everyone appreciates walnut’s easy workability, versatility and [...]

Product News

At Front Range Lumber, we like to keep our customers informed about the building industry products we sell. We will be updating this post as new updates become available, so check back often! Redwood Meets/Exceeds Requirements Jefferson County, in particular, is upgrading their codes to limit uses of building materials in locations over 6000 feet in elevation. Specifically, only non-combustible materials will be allowed on the exterior of all buildings. Tests have shown that REDWOOD may very well meet/exceed the requirements, thereby allowing you to enjoy a wood deck. Check with both your governing jurisdiction, builder and supplier to verify. [...]

Taking Stock

Our Taking Stock section is filled with new information on the products we sell. We will be updating this post as new updates become available, so check back often! Higher Quality 4x4 Posts In Douglas Fir, Front Range Lumber consistently carries in 8, 10 and 12’ lengths a higher quality 4x4 post. Virtually all uses for a 4x4 are not only structural in nature, but also its placement, means it is exposed to open view. Therefore, everyone desires a good looking post! This quality provides exactly that appearance. Stop chasing for a good timber, prevent call-backs, avoid the extra work [...]

Common Lumber Terms

Here are a few common lumber terms you might find useful. Front Range Lumber and the industry use these words every day: WANE – A round edge on a board where the edge of the trunk was. Said differently: the mill pushed and tried to get a 2x6 where really only a good 2x4 should have been cut. SURFACED – Smoothened by planers or other machinery to obtain a smooth finished surface. GREEN – Lumber that has not been seasoned or dried. RANDOM WIDTH (OR RANDOM LENGTHS) – The mill cut to just whatever the maximum length (or width) they [...]

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Your Guide To Pressure Treated Lumber

What is pressure treated lumber? Pressure treated (PT) lumber is wood that has been infused with chemical preservatives to protect the wood from rot and insects. The wood is placed in a depressurized holding tank that removes the air and replaces it with a preservative. This process is the best way to avoid harmful rot and insects but does not prevent weathering and corrosion. When working with treated lumber, we suggest you wear gloves, eye protection and a dust mask (NIOSH N95) when handling wood. Due to preservatives in pressure treated wood, it should never be burned. Sawdust and scraps [...]

The Benefits of Using Baltic Birch Plywood

Baltic Birch Plywood is the most versatile plywood available. Baltic birch plywood is unique because of its all-birch veneer core that’s cross-banded and laminated with exterior grade glue, making for a superior stable sheet. It also has a thicker face veneer than traditional cabinet grade plywood. Baltic birch is a plywood product native to the northeastern region of Europe around the Baltic Sea. It is manufactured for European cabinetmaking. This begins to explain the product’s odd sheet size of 5’x5′. Baltic birch’s core is unlike traditional plywood you may be used to seeing. Its high-quality multiple plys (veneer layers) provide [...]

Types of Hardwoods

What types of hardwoods will you consider for your next project? There are many types of hardwoods. Hardwoods are milled and sold in a fundamentally different manner than framing lumber and pine boards. This is due to the increased value of hardwoods, and that softwoods are generally used in construction. In construction, there is obviously a large need for uniformly-sized pieces (think studs!) Hardwoods are used in furniture, fixtures, cabinets, and moldings. There is little uniform sizing between projects in hardwoods. To maximize the yield of the valuable hardwood, each board is cut to yield the maximum amount of usable [...]

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How To Tell A Real Lumberyard

A real lumberyard: Carries wood up to 20’ long The staff knows how to read a tape measure Special orders aren’t a hassle but welcomed Carries lumber grades for their usefulness, not a grade enabling a low price Delivers at a reasonable rate on a same or next day basis Has a staff that averages more than 19 years of experience in the industry Helps you load your materials Stocks decking and engineered wood products that are listed on the Built Green checklist Has extensive experience selling building materials, not just extensive experience Offers the entire range of building materials [...]

Now In Stock: Book-Matched Pairs of Mesquite Boards!

Here are a few of the Mesquite boards we were able to bring in. Somewhat straight grained but often wavy. Mesquite trees are short desert plants that yield boards with knots, splits, wormholes, etc. Woodworkers use the defects as points of interest in the finished pieces.  The Mesquite tree grows in North America. This picture shows a "book-matched" pair of Mesquite boards. This is the effect derived from cutting a thicker slab in half and the two halves are mirror images of each other. Mesquite of decent size and quality are rare, this hardwood is renowned for its beauty and stability. [...]

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