Accent Wall In a Box – Modern Rustic, Reclaimed Inspired, Barn Wood.

Using quality pine boards from Gorman, Accent Wall in a Box provides an easy-to-install modern, rustic barn wood look.  Accent walls are a perfect adaptable and inexpensive way to perk up any dull space in your home.

Accent walls are an inexpensive way to break up a large room, emphasize an architectural feature, or liven’ up a wall.

It’s the wall you notice first when you enter a room – due to its distinct color, texture or other eye-catching detail. An accent wall draws the eye to it and can be used in just about any room, including the kitchen, hallway, fireplace, bathroom, shelves, around windows or on the ceiling.

Each box we sell contains 14 gray boards equaling 25 square foot, which includes light medium and dark gray boards. They are a breeze to install and require no additional staining for finishing.

Accent Wall In a Box features:

  • Hand Crafted Quality
  • VOC Free Process
  • No Use of Paints or Stains
  • Safe for All Interior Applications
  • Double-Sided Texture (Circular Sawn and Vertical Band Sawn)
  • Easy to Install

Accent Wall In a Box specifications:

  • Actual: 3/8” x 5 7/16” x 48”
  • Nominal: 1/2” x 6” x 48”
  • Square Footage Coverage: 25’
  • Face: Double Sided Vertical Band Sawn, Circular Sawn

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